German Medical Solutions


Founded in 1993 in Switzerland, Bricon later moved its headquarters to Germany – continuing on its successful journey and forging a path through the development, manufacture and global marketing of spinal implants.

In 2014, Bricon became part of a global group of orthopaedic solution providers.


Since merging, Bricon has focused its attention on expanding its portfolio, the goal being to supply emerging markets with an extensive range of products of “Made in Germany” quality, and to strengthen the global success of the Group.


Bricon will continue to expand – through wise acquisitions and expert skill in the development of its own products. With more than 20 years of experience in the market and products “Made in Germany”, Bricon offers its stakeholders genuine added value by combining outstanding clinical results with optimum cost-efficiency. To continue improving the results for patients, moreover, Bricon runs a medical training programme that offers high-quality continuing professional development on a global scale.

Products Made In Germany

Reliable Quality

As a manufacturer of medical devices, Bricon finds itself in a dynamic environment where high expectations are placed on quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. To meet these expectations Bricon products are true to the “Made in Germany” principle, being developed, manufactured and inspected in accordance with the principles of German engineering tradition: The desire for perfection can be found in every Bricon product.

It is precisely for this reason that Bricon products excel on all levels: quality that can be relied upon, optimal handling, and outstanding medical results. Furthermore, they have been developed in close collaboration with leading surgeons to ensure that the exacting demands of patients and hospitals are fulfilled – now and in the future.