Wurmlingen, 01.09.2023

On September 1, 2023, the groundbreaking ceremony marked a significant and important chapter in the development of Bricon GmbH. The company plans to expand its site in Wurmlingen to increase production capacity and boost the local economy.

The ambitious project includes the expansion of office, warehouse and production space on an impressive total area of 3800 square meters. The estimated costs for the construction are about 5 million euros. The construction work is expected to take one year. This growth will open the door to more opportunities, thus strengthen Bricon GmbH’s position in the medical technology industry.

One particularly welcome piece of news is the creation of around 75 new jobs in the region, which will have a positive impact not only on the community of Wurmlingen, but also on the surrounding communities. It shows Bricon GmbH's commitment to boosting the local economy and promoting a highly qualified workforce in the region.

Furthermore, Bricon shows its commitment to sustainable practices by planning to install a solar panel system on the expanded building. This action emphasizes Bricon GmbH’s dedication to using ecofriendly technology and reducing its ecological footprint.

There will not only be modern and efficient production facilities but also smart manufacturing technologies that enable connected and highly advanced manufacturing.

Haller Industriebau GmbH from Villingen-Schwenningen will supervise the project to ensure a steady process.

The expansion and development of the site represent a milestone for Bricon GmbH. We are confident that this project will enhance our competitiveness and assure our position as an innovative company. We look forward to the upcoming developments and the positive changes they will bring.

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