OCTOPODA® Internal Spinal Fixation System

The OCTOPODA system is a dorsal double rod fixator for thoracolumbar stabilization of the spine

  • 8 Screwdiameter in up to 12 lenghts
  • Ultra-Low profile of tulip
  • 60° conical angulation of polyaxial screws (30° in each direction)
  • Self-breaking Set-Screw with patented design to avoid sharp edges
  • Dual Core / Double Lead thread to securely anchor the screw in cortical and cancellous bone
  • For fast and controlled insertion, increased pull-out resistance due to enhanced bone preservation
ScrewsPolyaxial screws
Monoaxial screws
Spondylolisthesis screws
DesignLow screw head height
AngleHigh polyaxial degree of freedom
30° in any direction


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