VOLUTUS Invadur™

Cervical Invadur™ Vertebral Body Replacement

The VOLUTUS Invadur™ vertebral body replacement is made of Invadur™. Because of the radiolucency of the material used, there are no artifacts on MRI or CT. Titanium X-ray markers allow intraoperative and postoperative control of the implant position. A large contact surface allows the most possible bone contact and reduces the risk of sintering. The openings provide the possibility of filling the implant with autologous bone or bone substitute material. Its special feature is the modular design. This modular system variably covers all intervertebral heights and all vertebral body heights of the cervical spine with the exception of C1 and C2 and makes correct reconstruction of the lordosis possible. The VOLUTUS Invadur™ is available both sterile and non-sterile.


VOLUTUS Invadur stackable Vertebral Body Replacement

Width Length Height
12 mm 14 mm 12 mm
12 mm 14 mm 14 mm
12 mm 14 mm 16 mm
12 mm 14 mm 18 mm
12 mm 14 mm 20 mm
12 mm 14 mm 22 mm
12 mm 14 mm 24 mm
12 mm 14 mm 26 mm
Width Length Height
14 mm 16 mm 12 mm
14 mm 16 mm 14 mm
14 mm 16 mm 16 mm
14 mm 16 mm 18 mm
14 mm 16 mm 20 mm
14 mm 16 mm 22 mm
14 mm 16 mm 24 mm
14 mm 16 mm 26 mm


Cervicus Invadur Insertion tool

VOLUTUS Invadur Unlocking piers

VOLUTUS Invadur Adapter remover

Sterilisation inserts

Cervicus Invadur Sterilisation insert

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