INION CPS™ Baby System

The Inion CPS™ Baby implants are made of biodegradable Inion® polymer blends. They have excellent handling properties, strength and degradability that support a natural healing process. The Inion CPS™ Baby system is specifically designed for use in pediatric cranio-maxillofacial trauma and reconstructive procedures.

The Inion CPS™ Baby implants retain at least 70% of their original strength 6 weeks after implant placement. Bioresorption of the implants occurs within two to three years, so natural cranial growth is not affected.

Inion CPS™ Baby implants have been proven in clinical use for more than 14 years and more than 60,000 surgeries have been performed with these products.  

Plates4-hole plate
20-hole plate
Mesh plates
64-hole plate
ScrewsØ1,5 mm and 2,0 mm
Contourfree contourable
Screws4 mm - 7 mm length


Heating the plates in a water bath makes them temporarily deformable, allowing optimal adaptation of the implants to the bone.

The predictable and gradual loss of force increasingly stresses the bone, promoting optimal healing of the bone structure.

The complete degradation of the Inion CPS™ Baby implants allows surgery to remove the implants to be avoided, reducing both patient trauma and treatment costs.

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