INION S-1 Biodegradable Anterior Cervical Plate

The Inion S-1™ Biodegradable Anterior Cervical Fusion System consists of plates and screws made of degradable co-polymers composed of L-lactic and D-lactic acid. These polymers have a long history of safe medical use and they degrade in vivo by hydrolysis into alpha-hydroxy acids that are metabolised by the body. Based on in vitro testing, the implants retain most of their initial strength up to 16 weeks and gradually lose their strength thereafter; bioresorption takes place within two to four years. The plates and screws contain radiopaque tantalum markers for postoperative radiographic imaging.  

The Inion S-1™ Biodegradable Anterior Cervical Fusion System plates are available in different sizes for use in single and double level fusions. 

ConturePrecise adjustment through contouring
SegmentsOne and two segment
Screws12 mm - 16 mm Length
ScrewØ4,5 mm
5,0 mm (Rescue Screws)

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