SEAHORSE Laminoplasty System

Cervical laminoplasty is a cervical posterior surgical procedure. Cervical laminoplasty was developed for Asian populations who are prone to ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL). Since then the surgical procedure has expanded to include the treatment of spinal stenosis and has gained worldwide acceptance. 

The Seahorse® Laminoplasty System offers a comprehensive solution that provides reliable, fast and effective fixation for laminoplasty procedures. 

not for EU regions



  • Support of a dilated spinal canal 
  • Securing the spinal stability 
  • Maintenance of the protective function of the spine after laminoplasty has been performed 



  • Low profile to prevent irritation of soft tissues 
  • Pre-bent, single or double bent plates to fit the anatomy of the dorsally elevated lamina
  • Variery of implant sizes; Comprehensive range of sizes provides a range of options in selecting the best size for the patient's anatomy



    • Single handed handling of the most important instruments 
    • Screwdriver with self-retaining function, holds screw in place during implant placement until the correct placement is achieved 
    • Ergonomic instruments 
PlatesOpen Door
Mini Plates
Single Bend
Double Bend
Hinge Plate
Screws4 mm - 12 mm Length


This product is not available for sale in EU regions